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Best Atlanta Book Editing Editor Copywriter Copywriting

Persuasive, clean, engaging writing for you and your business.

Count on the attention to detail you've been looking for. Achieve the higher levels of response you want from your readers. Convey energy, style, and personality (yours!) with engaging writing and persuasive copy.

Books, articles, blogs and more. 

Words that jump off the page.

Articles that speak with authority.

Websites that motivate response. 

Professional polish that sets you apart.

Be Bold. Be Irresistible. Be Memorable. 

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A 28-page eBook to master the 7 essentials of great writing!

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Get your questions answered.


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writing needs.

The Doctor is In.

I love words and I love the power they have to move people to action and to connect people with each other.

As your book editor, I'll help you craft an exceptional work that your readers will love and value.

As your ghostwriter, I'll write a polished, professional book for you that embodies your style, your message, and your vision.

As your freelance copywriter, I'll present your business brand online with clarity, power, simplicity, and style to draw attention, motivate engagement and help your business thrive like never before.

I am devoted to helping entrepreneurs and authors like you sharpen your message, multiply your following, and accelerate your path to prosperity. Let's play!


For many years, I worked as Senior Writer for Apple Computer, Inc., creating compelling, strategic content. Later, I helped bring a national wellness startup company to multi-million dollar success. My background in business and computer science work like alchemy to spin writing gold for you.

I would like to express my gratitude for the awesome work you did. I had high expectations for you, but you surpassed them all. The way you connected with us and conducted your interviews with the utmost professionalism makes me proud to be associated with you. We are looking forward to our next project and to many more to come.

Candido Segarro / CEO, Foresight Companies, Inc.

Passionate about making a difference?

Me too.

We can make a positive impact on the planet with the power of words. Whatever writing projects you have, my professional polish will help you express your purpose, clarify your voice, sharpen your message and empower your intention.

Get your voice heard.

What do you need? 

Brand Identity


Marketing Copywriting

Brand Copywriting

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