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Express your unique voice with conviction and power

Grow and sustain your reading public with just the right mix of correctness and artistry. Make your work memorable with clarity, style, flow, and personality (yours!)

Watch your manuscript shine
when everything comes together just right.

As your professional editor, I'll take your written work far beyond correct spelling, proper grammar, or perfect punctuation so that your ideas are clear, your images come to life, your voice is your own, and your best intentions are fulfilled.

Eliminate your stumbling blocks:

Mismatched tenses, verbs and phrases

Inconsistency of voice, ideas, or tone

Less than optimal organization

Ho-hum phrasing

Redundancy, wordiness, or other pitfalls

Passive voice

Unnecessary complexity

Wishy-washy words

Lack of clarity

Clumsy wording

Boost the power of your words with meticulous care:








Can’t-put-it-down Factor





Okay, I admit it.


I am meticulous about grammar and punctuation when I edit books and ebooks. But for many types of writing, I also recognize that casual, conversational style is the trend these days. So it's okay to bend some of the rules. So from time to time, we'll kick off our shoes, loosen our ties, and skirt the rules a teeny bit so you come across authentically, naturally, and clearly. 


It's kind of like jazz: once we master the rules, we might want to let go of a few of them for greater effect.

"The biggest applause goes to my editor, Diane Eaton. Her sharp eyes and insightful edits polished my book to make it the best it can be. She has my deepest gratitude! 

From the Acknowledgements in Waves of Light, by Pen Augustin

To my editor, Diane Eaton, whom I found miraculously, at just the right time. I am so grateful for your amazing skills to help me carefully and lovingly tell my story.

From the Acknowledgements inThe Churchkey Kid, by Carla Baughman

See for yourself!

Want to see what my editing can do for your work? 


Email me a few pages of your book, ebook, article or other writing and I'll provide you with a 1-3-page edited document with notes and comments included. If you like, I'll give you a quote for your editing project based on word count and the depth of editing that your work will require. My book and editing fees typically range from 2¢ to 4¢ per word.

A selection of published fiction and non-fiction books edited by The Writing Doctor

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