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Professional Ghostwriting


I do the work. You get all the credit!

For many who have great ideas and meaningful stories to convey to the world, ghostwriting is a life-saver.

Whether you’ve got a fledgling idea that you want me to run with, or you’ve got notes, outlines and tons of research that needs to be fashioned into professional shape, you'll get a professionally-written, compelling book that only you will know was ghostwritten.

You'll have a winning publication that others will want to read.

The cool thing about hiring me as your ghostwriter is that I do all the work and you get all the credit. If you don't have the time to conceive, write, and edit a book that conveys your knowledge and mastery, I do. I'll organize, voice, and shape your ideas into a polished publication that you’ll be proud of.

As your ghostwriter, I'll bring all the ingredients that make a book great:






Teaching tools







Types of works:


I ghostwrite in a wide variety of non-fiction genres, including professional,  biographical, self-help, spiritual, technical, faith-based, and historical. 


              ...What do you want to create?

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"Diane was so wonderful to work with! She was patient with me as I sorted through what I wanted to say and she helped me put it all together beautifully. I’m so very happy with her wonderful writing."

Sandra Champlain / Speaker, author, We Don't Die

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