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Kind words from my clients:

Whether it's your book, your website, your brand, or your blog post, my job is to help you succeed by presenting you, your work, and your business in the best possible light.


I'm so grateful to work with the inspiring, industrious and passionate people — like you! — whom I meet through my copywriting, editing and ghostwriting work.

Diane was committed to making my book the best it could be so others could be transformed by it.

She was also easy to work with and made the entire process of editing a joy. Thank you Diane

for helping make The Tao of Influence a book that will live on and be read for decades!

Karen McGregor /  International speaker and Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling Author, The Tao of Influence

Diane's tireless and generous work played an indispensable role in shaping my book. Her dedication and expertise have been a guiding force, and I am profoundly grateful for her invaluable contributions.

Elina Teboul, Leadership Coach, Speaker / Author, Feminine Intelligence: The New Paradigm for Leadership

Hajah Kandeh / Author, Daughter of a Thousand Stars: A Memoir

A great editor masters the art of staying far enough away to see what is invisible to the author and needs work, yet close enough to hear their author's heart and tell their story as if it were their own. No one does this better than Diane Eaton. I am forever grateful to have been gifted with her expertise and her heart.

Diane sprinkled her magic dust throughout my book. She understood me and the goal of my book immediately. She is truly an amazing writing expert. I am forever grateful!

Janis Cohen, LCSW, CPLRHT / Author, The Intuitive Therapist

Insightful. Precise. Smart. Good natured. Hard working. Skillful. Supportive. What else could you ask for in an editor? Diane is world-class. My book is much better because of her!

Greg Sollie / Author, The Swamp Witch Chronicles

Diane has been writing copy for us for over two years and we've come to trust her to be the voice of our company and represent our brand. We often don't know where to begin and Diane always asks the right questions to help us narrow our focus and get to the message we are trying to convey.  She writes beautifully, works quickly and revisions are effortless and smooth. 

Adrian Nixon /  Owner, Marahlago Larimar Jewelry, Inc.

Diane's thoughtful, intuitive approach and insightful, expert guidance brought out the best in me and helped me craft a work of art that I feel will stand for the ages.  If you care about the quality of your work, treat yourself to the best!!

Joyce Irby / singer-songwriter-producer, Klymaxx lead vocal / Author, I'd Still Say Yes

Diane's work surpassed all expectations. Her experience and unique wordsmith alchemy were invaluable. I recommend her without qualification.

Jacob Slowik / author, attorney

The Writing Doctor helped us wordsmith our copy, guided us as we rolled out our innovative product,
and helped us powerfully build our brand voice. We started with the website and then expanded to blogs and newsletter articles. This long term partnership has been essential to our marketing progress. I recommend her far beyond her great writing skills: she's smart, responsive and challenging.

Hélène Clary /  Marketing Director, ClicData, Inc.

I would like to express my gratitude for the awesome job you performed on our project. I had high expectations for you, however, you surpassed them all. It makes me proud to be associated with you. We are looking forward to many more projects to come.

Candido Seguaro / CEO, Foresight Publications

The biggest applause goes to my editor, Diane Eaton. Her sharp eyes and insightful edits polished my book to make it the best it can be. She has  my deepest gratitude!

Pen Augustin / Lady of the Lake Holistic Health / Author,
Waves of Light 

Diane, You helped us bring forth a greater expression of our truth because of the clarity you helped us reach with our words. We're immeasurably grateful.

Dr. Glenn J. Mendoza and Dawn Myers / Authors, Rules That Guide Us and The Rainbow Forest

Diane was amazingly able to capture the true essence of my business in words that simply sang off the page.  Her dedication, intuition and abilities contributed significantly to the success of both my branding efforts and my new website.

Bridgette Raitz / CEO, Whispering Stones Jewelry

Diane is a dynamic, smart, and exceptionally creative professional. How could you go wrong hiring a technical writer for Apple? With her lengthy computer background and experience running highly successful businesses, she is the perfect fit for anyone wanting the quality you'd expect from a team of writers, but at a competitive price that a team could never provide. She also has what today's world tends to lack — 
heart investment, which is something you cannot buy.

Scott Ritshie /  Project Phoenix Media Productions

Everything you do, everything you touch, is superb.

Randy Peyser, Book Broker, Speaker / CEO, Author One Stop, Inc.










I worked with Diane to revamp my boring website. Diane was able to convey my spirit and my practice in an authentic and engaging way.  I love my new content! Diane was so easy to work, so professional and efficient. I HIGHLY recommend her!

Karen Lang, Acupuncturist / Dogwood Healing Arts

Diane transformed the words in my book
into a work of art that I was very proud to put my name on. I would highly recommend her and I would use her talents again 
on any future projects. 

Greg Larkin / Author, Chronic Back Pain Solved

While I started with many incredible writers and editors, I ended with one particular person that I can’t thank enough. Her analytical skills in writing, editing, and coaching are phenomenal, and this book would not have been possible had it not been for her dedication, patience, professionalism, and incredible attention to detail. Diane Eaton, I’m amazed and grateful to have the privilege of working with you, and I pray that God will continue to use you to help others make their dream of writing their book come true. 

Johnny Dorvilian /  Author, Your Identity Within

Diane was a joy to work with! She has a knack for uncovering the essence of what I wanted to say, expressing it powerfully.  People tell me that my website now perfectly expresses the spirit of what I do. Diane is truly a Writing Doctor as well as an exceptional partner for making a business successful.

Jeanne-Marie Grumet / CEO, Communications Catalyst, Inc.

Diane has a true gift. Somehow she was able to make the editing process for my new book virtually pain free! She was friendly, efficient and professional throughout the project. Diane preserved my voice while elevating the content of my work. I am so grateful for her effort and talent.

John E. Long, EDS, BCC, CMCS / Author, Career Judo

 I would like to express my gratitude for the awesome work you did. I had high expectations, but you surpassed them all. The way you connected with us and conducted your interviews with the utmost professionalism makes me proud to be associated with you. We are looking forward to our next project and to many more to come.

Candido Segarro / CEO, Foresight Companies, Inc.

The Writing Doctor's talents as a writer are rare because she is strategic, technically savvy, and has an intuitive flair. I highly recommend her as a copywriting professional!

Sharron Ragan / Speaker and CEO, Sharron Ragan
Brand Marketing Group 

Thank you again for your work, Diane. I'm continually amazed that you can turn a ten minute conversation into copy gold! You're a world class conductor, directing the words into place on a page! You're a unique gift!

Lisa Viera / Owner, Heart of the Party

Diane Eaton, The Writing Doctor, is professional, super smart and gives great feedback. I'm honored to have worked with her!

Donna Edward / CEO, The Prodigy Media

I loved working with The Writing Doctor!
She helped me get super clear about my brand and what my gifts and services are. Her intuition and expertise kept me on track and built my confidence tremendously!

Anne Ferguson, Empowerment Coach / Authentic Dream Building, LLC

The Writing Doctor's work is elegant linguistic art - clear, succinct, easy to read, beautifully written. I really appreciated her talented ability to quickly capture the spirit of what I wanted
to convey.

Lisa K.Y. Wong / CEO, Center for Healing By Design, Inc.

After working with Diane, I'm a better writer. Her feedback brought greater focus, clarity, and organization into my words. Her insights remain invaluable. A mentor par excellence, she's turned my writing into a gift that keeps on giving.

Fred Stevens / Author

The Writing Doctor brought so much clarity to helping me build my website. It gets just the right ideas across. I’m really happy with it.

Dr. William Steiniger, Ph.D / Healing practitioner

To my editor, Diane Eaton, whom I found miraculously, just like everything else in my life. I am so grateful for your amazing skills to help me carefully and lovingly tell my story.

Carla Baughman / Author, The Churchkey Kid

Diane Eaton wrote exceptional copy for my new website, capturing the unique message that my business required. I am thrilled with the result. I highly recommend this talented writer!

Jeff Owens, PMP, CSM, MPNLP / CEO, Awaken Executive Consulting

Diane brought her incredible experience to bear, and had a consistent focus on the needs and interests of the reader. I highly recommend Diane — without reservation.

Tom Reid, M.Div; MSA / CEO, Living Whole Life

Thank you Diane for helping me create
a website that describes what I do so eloquently! You have talent and skill for what you do and
I am so very pleased.

Mary Louise Mennan / Author, The Transforming Power of Uncondtional Love

Diane "The Writing Doctor" is an angel and a wonderful copywriter who worked with me to refine my numerous web pages. She’s a fabulous wordsmith, and I would recommend her to anyone. 

Colin Tipping / International best-selling author, Radical Forgiveness, Expanding Into Love and Wounded Healers

The Writing Doctor helped me tremendously— suggesting words, shaping phrases—all in a gentle, supportive way that built my confidence and encouraged my creativity. Wonderful!

Cindy Goulder, M.S. / Ecological Landscapes & Urban Gardens

The Writing Doctor was so wonderful to work with! She was patient with me as I sorted through what I wanted to say and she helped me put it all together beautifully. I’m so very happy with her work.

Sandra Champlain / Speaker and author, We Don't Die

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