Hi. I'm Diane, the Writing Doctor.

I'm an experienced professional writer, a communications expert, a perfectionist and a fabulous listener.

I've been writing online content, editing books, sculpting business brands, ghostwriting, and formulating online business strategies for people like you for about 25 years. In and among my freelance work, I've held positions as Sr. Writer at Apple Computer, Business, Sales & Marketing Director (and co-owner) of a national wellness services company, and Western Regional Sales Manager of a software startup in California.

I can help you distill your message to its most powerful essence so you can make an impact in the world, get the attention you deserve, and sign up the customers, clients and readers you dream of.

Writer  •  Copywriter  •  Content Strategist  •  Editor  •  Ghostwriter  •  Columnist  •  Communications Expert  •  Teacher  •  Author 


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