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Manuscript Analysis

Get professional feedback

to make your book its very best

If you want to get a clear idea of how ready your manuscript is for a publisher and the public, a Manuscript Analysis is the way to go.


I give you professional feedback, insights, and recommendations about your manuscript and how well it delivers on those key factors that truly make a book successful in the eyes of readers and publishers.


You'll get a firm grasp of the adjustments you need to make to turn your manuscript into a polished, professional work that is at its very best!


A Manuscript Analysis includes insights and discussion of some or all of the following topics:

  • Editing issues: grammar, punctuation, wordiness, redundancy, etc.

  • Organization and flow of ideas

  • Tone and voice

  • Clarity and impact of the writing

  • Length, pacing, and shape of the work

  • Ability to build and maintain interest

  • Character development, if applicable

  • Overall strengths, weaknesses, and quality

  • Commercial viability

Along with writing the analysis, I’ll return your manuscript to you with comments using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature. The comments will highlight examples of the points made in the analysis and often provide more insights and clarity about the issues discussed.


A Manuscript Analysis is highly recommended
if you really want your book

to succeed in the marketplace!

Get a professional's perspective
of the strengths and weaknesses
of your manuscript and what it needs to be successful in the marketplace.


Find out what you
need to know to get
your book
ready for success!

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

How good
is it

"Insightful. Precise. Smart. Good natured. Hard working. Skillful. Supportive. What else could you ask for in an editor? Diane is world-class. My book is much better because of her!"

Greg Sollie / Author, The Swamp Witch Chronicles

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