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Brand Identity

Your Business in Just a Few Words.

Be fascinating, intriguing and captivating

Be original

Inspire response

Convey your value, instinctively





When you think of branding, you probably think of those iconic corporate images that have been impressed upon us for decades. Starbucks’ twin-tailed mermaid. McDonald’s golden arches. Apple’s bitten apple.

But vibrant images are just one side of the coin of professional branding. The other side consists of the words you use to weave the story of your business so that it sticks in the minds of your target customers. Verbal branding sells your products or services for you while you’re busy doing whatever you do best.

Branding Copywriting Editing Ghostwriting



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Verbal branding includes developing, designing and distilling your best:

Tagline Anchor

A tagline that tells your amazing story

I run into business owners all the time who think they've accomplished a lot by composing their tagline in one sitting! Think about it. Major brand corporations spend countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars to craft their tagline. Why? Because, if it's done right, a tagline can convey — in one concise and poetic phrase — all the elements that can sell a product or service. It's an everpresent salesperson attached to your business name.

Use the core pieces of your Verbal Branding in all of your marketing and outreach efforts and convey a single, unified, consolidated message. Now others will recognize your value and remember your name.


Brand story






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Core values


Key Marketing Messages

Website copy

create an emotional response

define your unique niche

highlight your value above the rest

convey your passion, zeal and purpose

Don’t waste any more time or money

Defining your brand with The Writing Doctor saves you hours and hours of time and lots of money otherwise spent on ineffective messaging. I'll help you define the powerful messages that you'll use over and over again: online, in social media, in print and in person. Contact me to create a Branding Package for your business.

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